Our invitation to you... Tree of Life Lutheran Church is a dynamic, growing church dedicated to sharing the peace, love and joy of Jesus Christ. It is an exciting and vibrant ministry with many opportunities to get involved. Come meet our Savior, and be fed by His word. The loving family of Tree of life rooted in Gods Word, Exists to share the joy, love and peace of Jesus Christ with you.


  Worship Times
Education Hour: 8:15 AM
  Worship: 10:30am

Tree of Life Lutheran Church
6318 Lyons Road
Garland, TX 75043




On October 31st we will be hosting our first ever "Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt & Bingo Extravaganza". Families will drive up and receive a bingo card from Tree of Life Lutheran Church. Families will drive through the neighborhood (safe in their car) and mark off things that they see in the community. Then they will come back to TOL when they have completed a BINGO! There will be three rounds and each round will get a different prize.
Also each child in the car will get a bag of candy and other goodies. The people preparing the bags will have gloves and masks on. The people handing out the bags and cards will have gloves and masks on as well for you and your family's safety. This will also offer a safe way for families to do “trick or treating” without going door to door.
The "Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt & Bingo Extravaganza" will start at 3 PM on Saturday October 31st and will end at 5:30 PM.
Tree of Life will also have music playing outside during this time period. Families can park their cars and roll down their windows to listen to the music from the parking lot.