Tree of Life Lutheran Church (Garland, TX) did a few things to help families and the community recover.

- Tree of Life is assembling Kitchen Kits.  Please read more here:

- Tree of Life also walked the neighborhoods with Magnetic Sweepers.  Please read more here:

- Once a month Tree of Life was providing free dinner and entertainment for the community. 

- Tree of Life hosted Camp Noah.  “After a disaster, community resources are often stretched to the breaking point. These children need time to process, play and heal — you can provide that.”

- Tree of Life hosted a “Tree Trot Recovery Run”.

- Tree of Life hosts a free Fall Festival for the community, with hay rides, free food, and games.  


- Tree of Life is trying to gather information about organizations that are assisting families.  We then assemble the information and then provide the information in a packet to families that we come in contact with.

If you are interested in helping with any of the above, please give Tree of Life a call.  

If none of the above interests you, Tree of Life is also in contact with several other organizations that are helping in other ways.  We can point to in their direction also :)

Tree of Life Lutheran Church
6318 Lyons Road
Garland, TX 75043