Board of Education
“It was He who gave some to be … teachers to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God …”  Ephesians 4:11-13  

ACCOUNTABLE TO: TOL congregation through the CHURCH COUNCIL

PURPOSE: To guide the congregation's ongoing religious education efforts for all members, child and adult, as well as for prospective members.


1. Have the authority and responsibility for the growth of the congregation's ongoing religious education activities and make recommendations for improvement.

2. Establish all policies, subject to review of the church council, for all non-day school board educational activities of the congregation.

3. Work with pastors and various committees, especially the new member committee, on assimilation.

4. Provide oversight for the following committees and their ministries:

-   Sunday school;
-   Vacation Bible school;
-   Adult education and Family ministry;
-   Early Childhood ministry;
-   Professional church worker recruitment.

5. Make regular reports to the voters' assembly and church council with the status of on going programs and recommendations for improvement of the congregation's religious educational activities.

6. Meet at least eight times per year.

Board of Elders

ACCOUNTABLE TO: TOL congregation through the VOTERS’ ASSEMBLY    and to the SENIOR PASTOR

PURPOSE: To oversee the spiritual life of the congregation and its individual members.


These guidelines are as intended by the congregation's constitution and the bylaws.

1. The Board of Elders shall have authority and responsibility for the spiritual welfare and activities of the congregational members, individually and corporately.

2. The chairman of the Board of Elders shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Elders.

    a. The chairman shall appoint a secretary to record the minutes.

    b. The chairman shall appoint one elder to serve as an advisor on at a minimum, each of the following boards: Stewardship, Education, Outreach, Youth, Trustees and Fellowship. Other committee assignments may be made to other ongoing and Ad Hoc committees in the congregation including, but not limited to, Assimilation, Audit, Call, Endowment Fund, Nominating, Salary Review, Staffing Review and Worship.

    c. The chairman will report the recommendations of the Board of Elders to the Church Council and the Voter's Assembly.

    d. The chairman may call special meetings of the Board of Elders.

3. The Board of Elders shall meet once a month, except up to twice per year they may be cancelled with consent of the Senior Pastor.

4. The Board of Elders shall consist of not less than six nor more than twelve Elders, not including the chairman, such number to be established from time to time by the Voter's Assembly. While the entire Board of Elders is responsible for the spiritual welfare and activities of the congregation, both individually and corporately, as a matter of convenience each Elder is assigned members in a “grove” and then becomes the Elder for these parishioners. Such “grove” boundaries may change from time to time but no congregational member will be without an Elder assigned. The chairman may act as an Elder to new members for a period of time (less than six months) until their assignment/transfer to a “grove” Elder. 

Pending Voters Assembly approval, up to three “special needs” Elders could be added to the Board of Elders by the Board itself. These “special needs” Elders would not have “groves” assigned them, but in every other respect would have full membership on the Board of Elders (one elder = one vote) and full responsibility.

5. The Board of Elders shall serve as special assistants to the Pastor(s), supporting them with prayer, helping them with special problems in his ministry; and concerning itself with the spiritual, emotional and physical health and welfare of the Pastor(s) and their families. It shall ensure that they are provided with adequate compensation, housing and assistance with their work to guarantee them sufficient free time for personal responsibilities, study and relaxation.

6. The Board of Elders shall help the Pastor(s) cultivate a spirit of harmony among the congregation members.

7. The Board of Elders shall be responsible for providing the Pastor(s) with adequate pulpit and altar assistance.

8. The Board of Elders shall arrange for pastoral services when a vacancy occurs in the office, including the exercising of proper leadership in calling a pastor. No less than one elder shall be included on any call committee. The chairman can be assigned and count toward this minimum representation.

9. The Board of Elders shall be responsible for the proper conduct of public congregational worship services.

10. The Board of Elders shall make appropriate recommendations to the church council regarding the reception of new members, peaceful release and the transfer of members. 

11. The Board of Elders shall on rare occasion need to become involved in the spiritual welfare and activities of the preschool and day school run by the congregation, particularly under such circumstances where a potential exists for the spiritual welfare of the congregation to be harmed in any way. The day school and preschool are considered to be part of the congregation.

12 The Board of Elders shall appoint a worship committee to consist of: a Pastor, Choir Director, Bell Choir Director, an Elder and a minimum of three baptized members, one of whom shall be appointed as chairman, to make recommendations regarding the public worship services of the congregation. All segments of the congregation should be considered if and when recommended changes are contemplated.

13. The Board of Elders shall appoint a committee on ushering to consist of a head usher and two assistants, plus at least two advisors from past (experienced) serving ushers.

14. The Board of Elders shall appoint a social ministry committee to consist of a chairman and others as “helping hands” in Jesus name to extend to fellow souls in need.

15. The Board of Elders shall appoint a new members’ Assimilation Committee that shall consist of a chairman and others to assist the Board of Outreach in the assimilation of new members into the congregation.

Board of Fellowship

ACCOUNTABLE TO: TOL congregation through the CHURCH COUNCIL
PURPOSE: To provide opportunities for fellowship among the members of and visitors to Tree of Life Lutheran Church.
1. work together with other boards to plan and coordinate fellowship activities for members and friends of the congregation.

2. coordinate food for funerals and other emergency situations as necessary.

3. organize ways to support the special needs of elderly or shut-in members.

4. coordinate various drives, such as clothing, food, or disaster relief as needed when recommended by either an Elder or the Pastor and with their assistance.

5. coordinate with the Board Trustees the use of the church facilities for disaster relief as is appropriate.

6. coordinate food for Voters’ Assembly meals and for other occasions as is appropriate and needed.

7. recognition of new members and confirmands.

8. recognition of high school and college graduates

9. organize fund-raisers for and purchase kitchen supplies and special items.

10. routine cleaning and maintenance of kitchen and appliances.

Board of Outreach

ACCOUNTABLE TO: TOL congregation through the CHURCH COUNCIL

PURPOSE: To oversee and give direction to the congregation's evangelism and outreach activities.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The Board of Outreach may appoint committees, task forces and individuals to plan and implement the various activities for evangelism, new-member assimilation, public relations, and mission projects and emphases.

A. The work of evangelism should include:

  1. Strive to generate in the entire congregation a Christian concern regarding lost souls and the Christian's responsibility as a witness-bearer.

  2. Encourage members of the congregation to witness to one another as well as to the unsaved.

  3. Foster a climate of evangelism by cooperating with the pastor in arranging evangelism emphasis in worship services and special programs.

  4. Be responsible for maintaining a well-ordered and up-to-date file of prospective church members.

  5. Be responsible for enlisting and training lay visitors to make evangelism calls, and together with the pastor, arrange an ongoing visitation program as an integral part of the congregation's ministry.

  6. Cooperate with the pastor in organizing periodic adult instruction classes and strive to provide a nucleus of congregational members to befriend membership prospects.

  7. Ensure, in conjunction with the Board of Education, that the Sunday school, vacation Bible school, Christian day school, and other agencies of the congregation are committed to mission outreach as well as to Christian nurture. Prepare a written outline of the outreach program and provide a copy to the recording secretary.

  8. Cooperate with the Board of Elders in the reception, orientation and integration of new members.

B. The work of assimilating new members should include:

    1. Have an orientation program for all new members.

    2. Link a sponsor with all new members for one year.

    3. Involve new members in small-group Bible Studies and fellowship groups.

    4. Encourage new members in Christian service.

C. The work of Public Relations should include:

    1. Be responsible for maximum possible use of the communication media to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the community.

    2. Suggest periodically and candidly, in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, improvements in the maintenance and appearance of church properties to reflect the congregation's love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

D. The work of mission projects, activities and emphasis should include:

    1. Select mission projects to present to church council for approval.

    2. Prepare publicity concerning projects for monthly newsletter, Sunday worship folder, etc., by deadline.

    3. Prepare prayers and/or prayer suggestions for projects, by deadline.

    4. Determine mission emphasis as Sundays, outreach fairs, etc.

    5. Be a catalyst to encourage volunteerism for missions.

    6. Encourage mission Bible studies.


Board of Stewardship


ACCOUNTABLE TO: TOL congregation through the CHURCH COUNCIL


PURPOSE: To provide oversight and direction for the congregation's stewardship life and to encourage all members to be fruitful stewards of the Lord's gifts.


DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The Board of Stewardship shall have authority and responsibility for the development of ongoing programs that enlist the time, talents and treasures of the members of the congregation.


(Note: Please check the constitution and bylaws of Tree of Life Lutheran Church.)


1. Work with the Pastor(s) to develop and implement the necessary programs recommended and approved by the church council and voters as it relates to the time, talents and treasures of all members of the congregation.


2. Initiate and conduct programs of education and training of church members in the Scriptural principles and practices for sharing of time, talents and treasures.


3. Analyze quarterly Christian giving in order to determine trends and assure that adequate monitoring and tracking of contributions is reported and available for all members.


4. Prepare and initiate an annual program to obtain steward commitments from every member of the congregation.


Board of Trustees

ACCOUNTABLE TO: TOL congregation through the CHURCH COUNCIL

PURPOSE: To be responsible for all real and personal property of the congregation.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The Board of Trustees has authority and responsibility for all personal and real property of the congregation.


    1. Carry out resolutions as instructed by the Voters Assembly and Church Council regarding purchases, repairs, replacements or modification of church property and equipment.

   2. Keep and review a list of keys issued for access to all church facilities and provide for the issuing of such keys.

   3. Provide guidance to the Church Secretary concerning individuals who are authorized to hold keys.

   4. Help the business manager retrieve keys from individuals who are no longer authorized to hold them.

   5. Maintain a list of “opportunities” to itemize needed repairs and improvements.

   6. Advise when technical assistance, parts, supplies and employees need maintenance material.

   7. Establish priorities for work to be accomplished.

   8. Secure needed material and technical skills to help employees.

   9. Maintain a computer file of all real and personal property to include the replacement cost, serial numbers, model, and style and type numbers as appropriate.


   1. Approve the hiring of employees to perform daily custodial services and maintenance and upkeep of congregation real and personal property and equipment.

   2. Project budgeted funds for adequate staffing.



   1. Negotiate service contracts provided for in the budget or approved by the voters' assembly or Church Council.

   2. Review annually the adequacy and terms of all insurance policies of the congregation and make appropriate purchase recommendations to the church council.


   1. Control purchasing made by staff members.

   2. Appoint purchasing agents who are authorized to make purchases within budget or designated fund limitations.

   3. Review expenditures with the Treasurer and receive recommendations for future purchases.

   4. Negotiate and recommend for approval by the Church Council or the Voters' Assembly, all official documents and contracts relative to the properties of the congregation.


    1. Provide for the care and safekeeping of all official documents of the congregation, particularly the Articles of Incorporation, the Constitution and Bylaws, all insurance policies, all deeds and titles, all legal opinions and legal correspondence, all contracts and all blueprints.

    2. Provide a secure, dry storage area for retention of permanent congregation records, financial records and reports, meeting minutes and similar documents of historical and legal value eligible for archiving.

   3. Appoint a Physical Properties Team of persons having needed skills to assist in the maintenance and care of congregation properties. The team chief shall be a member of the Board of Trustees.

   4. Appoint a House Rules Task Group to include the Senior Pastor as advisory members.


    1. The Physical Properties Team shall make a semi-annual physical inspection of all church properties and recommend to the Board of Trustees needed repairs and improvements.

   2. The Physical Properties Team shall insure that on-the-spot repairs are made for safety or preventive maintenance and shall provide for the removal of potential hazards. Provide reports of such activity to the Board of Trustees. Where an emergency exists or a delay could endanger life or health or cause still greater damage, incur such expense as is necessary to render the congregation's premises safe and also to protect congregation property from casualty, liability, theft or undue exposure to the elements.

   3. The Physical Properties Team shall enlist work crews and carry out projects approved by the Board of Trustees.


   1. The House Rules Task Group shall:
      a. Provide and maintain, with approval of the Board of Trustees and church council, a set of regulations governing the use of church properties, facilities and equipment.

      b. Develop a set of priorities, with approval of the Board of Trustees and church council, in granting use of church property, facilities and equipment to various groups and individuals.

      c. Serve to regulate and coordinate the use of property, facilities and equipment.

   2. The decisions of the House Rules Task Group shall be final when clearly governed by approved regulations. In requests of a borderline nature, the House Rules Task Group may ask the Board of Trustees to render a decision.

Board of Youth

ACCOUNTABLE TO: TOL congregation through the CHURCH COUNCIL

PURPOSE: To provide guidance and leadership for the youth (Children of the King, Junior High and Senior High) of the congregation of Tree of Life.


1. Involve the young people of the congregation in the work of Christ.

2. Provide for their spiritual growth of the young people of the congregation and nurture and promote genuine Christian fellowship between themselves and with the other members of the congregation.

3. Supervise and coordinate all youth activities and be responsible for all youth committee meetings.

4. Assist the pastor and the Director of Youth Ministry in planning youth led worship services on the fifth Sunday of the month.

5. Plan and coordinate activities for the youth with other youth groups outside the congregation, especially other Lutheran youth groups.

6. Encourage attendance of Christ’s young people at Lutheran youth camps and other gatherings.

7. The chairperson of the board shall appoint three (3) or more counselors, with the counselors in turn appointing three (3) or more groups of youth. Two (2) alternates shall also be chosen by the counselors.