Board of Education
Description: “It was He who gave some to be … teachers to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God …”  Ephesians 4:11-13  

The Board of Education is to guide the congregation’s ongoing religious education efforts for all members, child and adult, as well as for prospective members.  We have the authority and responsibility for the growth of the congregation’s religious education activities and make recommendations for improvement. We are to work with the pastor and various committees, especially the new member committee on assimilation.  The board is made up of our Sunday School teachers as well as others who care deeply about providing oversight for 1) Sunday School 2) Vacation Bible School 3) Adult Education and Family ministry 4) Professional Church worker recruitment when needed.

We are instrumental in planning and coordinating with other boards in reaching out to the TOL community through our annual Fall Festival and the Easter Celebration / Egg Hunt.

Board of Elders
Description: The Board of Elders at Tree of Life Lutheran Church is to oversee the spiritual life of the congregation and its individual members.  While the entire Board of Elders is responsible for the spiritual welfare and activities of the congregation both individually and corporately, each Elder is assigned members in a “grove” and then becomes the Elder for those parishioners, assuring that no member of Tree of Life will be without an Elder. 
This listing of members assigned to each grove is in the back of the 2011 Church Directory as well as on the membership picture board in the Fellowship Hall.  Along with Pastor, your Elder is available to you at any time.  Please feel free to contact your Elder whenever the need arises. 
The Elder on duty for each worship service every Sunday is available after the service for prayer. 

Board of Fellowship
Description: The Board of Fellowship exists to provide opportunities for fellowship among the members of and visitors to Tree of Life.  We work together with other boards to plan and coordinate fellowship activities for members and friends of the congregation. 
We coordinate food for Voters’ assemblies, Advent/Lenten meals, funerals, elderly or shut-in members, and other special situations as necessary. 
The Board of Fellowship organizes fund-raisers for the purchase of kitchen supplies and special items, and handles the routine cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen and appliances. 
We participate in the recognition of new members, confirmands, and high school graduates.
When needed, we coordinate various drives, such as clothing, food, or disaster relief when recommended by either an Elder or the Pastor and with their assistance, and we coordinate with the Board Trustees the use of the church facilities for disaster relief as is appropriate.

Board of Outreach
Description: The Board of Outreach’s mission is to provide community outreach to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and to encourage regular attendance at Tree of Life.  One of our services is assimilation of new and potential members which involves acquainting them with pertinent information regarding TOL’s services, programs, special events, door code, and any other information requested.  We assemble visitor packets and provide phone follow-up.  The Board of Outreach assists with the New Member Sunday reception and provides welcome packets and flowers and a warm welcome from our congregation. 
We also host a New Member game and snack night. 
We provide an introduction to the Spiritual Gifts Inventory. 
We send special invitations by mail for upcoming events.  Vacation Bible School and Fall Festival are two major Outreach events each year at Tree of Life.

Board of Stewardship
Description: The purpose of the Board of Stewardship is to provide oversight and direction for the congregations stewardship life and to encourage all members to be fruitful stewards of the Lords gifts.
The Board of Stewardship has the authority and responsibility for the development of ongoing programs that enlist the time, talents and treasures of the members of the congregation.
They work with the Pastor to develop and implement the necessary programs recommended and approved by the church council and voters as it relates to the time, talents and treasures of all members of the congregation.
The Board of Stewardship initiates and conducts programs of education and training of church members in the Scriptural principles and practices for sharing of time, talents and treasures.
They analyze quarterly Christian giving in order to determine trends and assure that adequate monitoring and tracking of contributions is reported and available for all members.
They prepare and initiate an annual program to obtain steward commitments from every member of the congregation.

Board of Trustees
Description: The Board of Trustees has authority and responsibility for all real and personal property of the congregation. This includes but is not limited to carrying out purchases, repairs, replacements or modifications of church property and equipment as instructed by the Voters Assembly and Church Council.
They maintain a list of needed repairs and improvements which is then prioritized, and needed materials and technical skills are secured to accomplish their goals. 
The Board of Trustees negotiates service contracts provided for in the budget or approved by the Voters Assembly or Church Council. 
They also review the adequacy and terms of all insurance policies of the congregation and make appropriate purchase recommendations to the Church Council. 
The Trustees provide for the care and safekeeping of all official documents of the congregation. 
They insure that on-the-spot repairs are made for safety or preventive maintenance and provide for the removal of potential hazards.

Board of Youth
Description: The purpose of the Board of Youth is to provide guidance and leadership for the youth of the congregation of Tree of Life. 
There are three youth groups:
Children of the King includes pre-K to 5th grade youth and meets once a quarter. Junior Youth is for 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  Their meetings are in conjunction with the Confirmation classes. Senior Youth is for 9th through12th grader and any College Students who would like to participate.  They meet on the second Sunday after Worship and on the 3rd Saturday we volunteer at White Rock Center of Hope and then have lunch together.

The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Youth include:  involve the young people of the congregation in the work of Christ;  provide for their spiritual growth and nurture and promote genuine Christian fellowship between themselves and with the other members of the congregation;  supervise and coordinate all youth activities;  work with Pastor in planning youth led worship services;  plan and coordinate activities for the youth with other youth groups outside the congregation, especially other Lutheran youth groups;  and encourage attendance at Lutheran youth camps and other gatherings.